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Retailer Council

The Retailer Council of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® provides a forum for CTA members to identify, develop and support programs and resources that help the consumer make informed retail purchase decisions. Council members have the opportunity to network with peers, provide direction to CTA and lead at the industry level.

Key Initiatives

  • Offer members networking opportunities with other retailers and vendors.
  • Create programs where members can discuss solutions to common issues and exchange ideas with other retailers and business experts.
  • Provide educational and training opportunities to members.
  • Collaborate with other CTA divisions on their retail efforts.

Division Projects

Latest Market Research Studies

Retail-Focused Education

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  • Connected Home Security System – Three-part system developed to help guide professional integrators/installers through the most secure best practices during installation and configuration of smart home products, devices and systems.

  • What is a Smart Home? Educational Videos – A series of brief video explanations for a consumer audience illustrating what a smart home is and its potential components.

  • ​Five Tips to Secure Your Phone (PDF) – From weak passwords to dated software, your phone is vulnerable to security threats every day. Keep your phone safe and secure with these five easy tips.

  • Streaming Technology Consumer Glossary – the Content and Entertainment Council, in collaboration with other member divisions, has created consumer definitions for streaming technologies.

How You Can Participate

Participation is open to all CTA members. Contact us to be included in Retailer Council communications and meeting notices.

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