U.S. Tech Vets

U.S. Tech Vets is an online hiring platform, powered by and, that connects tech companies with over one million Veteran resumes — one of the largest and best trained talent pools in our country.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ is committed to helping tech companies address the nation’s critical skills gap and find the skilled talent they need.

CTA is pleased to offer U.S. Tech Vets as a FREE member benefit to all member companies.

U.S. Tech Vets Gives You:

  • FREE access to 1 million Veteran resumes — more than twice as many resumes as other Veteran job boards
  • An online hiring portal that allows HR teams to post all open positions at once with automatic updates
  • The ability to easily and efficiently search, view, rate and compare resumes
  • An unlimited number of recruiter licenses valued at more than $7,500 each

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