Technology and the Future of Work

New, life-changing tech innovations will transform our workforce — generating countless new jobs, but expanding the skills gap in our nation. The U.S. cannot lead the world in innovation if we can’t access the skilled workers we need.


American jobs supported by the consumer technology sector


U.S. GDP supported by the consumer technology sector

How Our Industry and Policymakers Are Taking Action

At CES 2020

Government Leaders

Some 200 government leaders from around the world will attend CES 2020, including three U.S. cabinet secretaries, high-ranking Republicans and Democrats, and ministers from France, Great Britain and The Netherlands.

  • A keynote discussion with Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump will address The Path to the Future of Work.
  • U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will speak at the Leaders in Technology Dinner and CTA Board of Industry Leaders meeting. 

Watch Future of Work Programming from CES 2020

U.S. Administration

National Strategy for U.S. Workers

Secretary Ross and Ms. Trump lead the administration’s future of work efforts. They co-chair the American Workforce Advisory Board, whose members include the CEOs of Apple, Home Depot, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Siemens USA, Visa and Walmart; and the National Council for the American Worker, which deploys a national strategy for training and retraining U.S. workers.

Pledge to America’s Workers

Almost 400 companies — including more than 60 CTA member companies — have signed The Pledge to America’s Workers, offering over 14 million new skills training opportunities over the next five years.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Through the Global Entrepreneurship Summit — launched by the Obama Administration and championed by Ms. Trump — the U.S and Dutch governments lead public-private sector discussions on policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)

The 21st Century Workforce Council

The 21st Century Workforce Council — a leadership forum with more than 70 CTA member companies including Amazon, HP, IBM and Walmart — shares effective workforce development strategies to help close the nation's skills gap.

The Apprenticeship Coalition

Launched at CES 2019, The Apprenticeship Coalition — a collaborative effort with IBM and some 40 CTA member companies including Bosch, Ford, Microsoft, Postmates, Sony and Sprint — is committed to creating and scaling apprenticeships for new-collar jobs nationwide and filling jobs in fast-growing fields with talent from all backgrounds.

The U.S. Innovation Scorecard

The U.S. Innovation Scorecard evaluates all 50 states on how well their policies foster innovation, including criteria measuring states on advanced education and workforce development.

Future of Work Survey

CTA research includes our annual Future of Work Survey — 80% of technology business leaders expect challenges finding job candidates with the right skills.

Apprenticeship Guide

CTA research includes "Why Tech Companies Should Offer Apprenticeships," a guide to talent pipeline strategies, addressing workforce skills gaps and the value of new-collar apprenticeships.

Global Tech Challenge

The CTA and World Bank Group Global Tech Challenge will change lives for the better around the world — using technology to help those most in need by finding solutions to challenges in health, gender and resilience.