CES on the Hill Exhibitors

Find out more about our 2019 CES on the Hill Exhibitors:


The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 410,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2018). According to preliminary figures, the company generated sales from operations of 77.9 billion euros ($92 billion) in 2018. As a leading IoT company, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, smart cities, connected mobility, and connected manufacturing. In North America, the Bosch Group employs 35,000 associates in more than 100 locations and generated consolidated sales of $14.5 billion in the U.S., Canada and Mexico in 2018 (preliminary results). For more information, visit,,,

Boundary Labs

Boundary Labs is an IoT and Big Data company focused on digitizing industrial manufacturing. They build open-sourced sensors that pick up metrics like vibration, temperature, current, and magnetic field coming off of industrial machines, and analyze that data using machine learning to provide analytics that helps manufacturers gain clarity into their factory floor processes. They're focused on using sensors to augment manufacturer's tribal knowledge better track productivity, predict machine failure, and drive production. They're founded by a team of Undergraduate Engineers done at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and are currently running pilots in three enterprise manufacturing factories in the Midwest.


GreenSight is the leading turfgrass health monitoring drone service provider for the golf industry. The service is currently conducted with a forethought to provide a completely unattended (no remote pilot on site) drone operation in the future to the golf industry. GreenSight's ultimate goal is to make aerial data collection accessible to a massive range of industries and applications, even those who currently believe these technologies are cost-prohibitive. In addition to serving large-scale commercial, industrial, and governmental applications in security and infrastructure, we are currently building a nationwide network of automated drone stations to serve smaller-scale applications such as home roof inspections and other insurance assessments, specialty farming and agriculture, sports field management, landscaping, and tree care, among others.


VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform, built and optimized for room-scale and standalong VR and true-to-life interactions. Delivering on the promise of VR with game-changing technology and best-in-class content, VIVE has created the strongest ecosystem for VR hardware and software, bringing VR to consumers, developers and enterprises alike. The VIVE ecosystem is built around the best VR hardware in market, supported by VIVE X, a $100 million accelerator for VR and related technology start-ups, VIVE, a global platform and app store with the world’s first VR subscription model that operates in more than 60 countries, and VIVE Studios, its VR content development and publishing initiative. For more information on VIVE, please visit


Humetrix offers mobile health platforms for consumers to have control over their health information to enable safer and more cost-effective healthcare. With our, CMS approved, iBlueButton mobile platform, 40 million Medicare beneficiaries, as well as Veterans and activity duty military and their families, can now better manage their healthcare across providers. With iBlueButton they can access, review, receive personalized insight, and share at any point of care their Medicare Blue Button 2.0 medical history, VA, TRICARE, and other provider health records. Unique to its “on device intelligence”, iBlueButton alerts users with important safety warnings regarding their medical conditions and medications – such as dangerous opioid medications or drug-drug interactions. User privacy is safeguarded by storing and processing their health records on their iOS or Android mobile device, and not in the cloud where sensitive personal information could be misused or hacked. iBlueButton delivers on the new proposed CMS and ONC interoperability and patient access rules and on H.R. 1390.


Guiding Eyes for the Blind & IBM
IBM is using data analytics, AI and the hybrid cloud to help more puppies become Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  IBM will demonstrate the use of a Smart Collar--an IoT sensor--on a puppy in training.  The collar measures biometric and environmental data, and emotional responses the pup experiences in real-life situations.  Data is uploaded to the IBM Cloud and married with comprehensive genetics, temperament, health, and training data--both structured and unstructured, on thousands of guide dogs.  Predictive analytics are applied to determine early on whether a puppy might benefit from modifications in training to improve their chances of success--or might be better suited for a career as another type of service dog or in law enforcement as a detection dog.  IBM's cognitive insights are helping discover the secrets behind successful guide dogs so that more people benefit from the independence, safety, and companionship these dogs provide.


The Oculus suite of hardware currently includes: Rift S, an evolution of our high-end PC VR headset, Oculus Quest, our first full immersive all-in-one headset and Oculus Go, our first standalone headset to bring the magic of VR with you wherever you are—all powered by the Oculus platform. You can experience thousands of made-for-VR content on the Oculus platform, from AAA games to documentary films and immersive photography. 

Founded in 2012 and acquired by Facebook in 2014, Oculus has grown from a single headset to a powerful platform with a thriving ecosystem. 


Panasonic is committed to enabling smart, safe, comfortable, and environmentally-responsible mobility for individuals, businesses, and entire communities.   Among key pillars of Connected Mobility are Intelligent Transportation Systems, and enhanced automotive cybersecurity that can significantly reduce costs of identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, both of which will be demonstrated by Panasonic at the CES on the Hill 2019 event on Capitol Hill.

Our CityNOW Smart Cities Initiative has produced “Cirrus,” a traffic management center platform for transportation agencies to facilitate deployment of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) technologies.  This technology will be on display via an immersive demonstration using virtual reality headsets.

In addition, Panasonic will also be showcasing its advances in automotive cybersecurity through a demonstration of Artificial Intelligence-enabled functionality of automotive Security Information and Event Management (“SIEM”), which visually depicts how cyber attacks on automotive platforms are detected and managed.

As a top tier supplier to automotive OEMs, Panasonic also will showcase its latest hands-free safety advance to allow blue-tooth use via Wi-Fi.  This simplified pairing process will help minimize distracted driving concerns created when pairing mobile phones with vehicle communications systems.


ProGlove develops industrial wearable technology currently used by renowned organizations in manufacturing, production, logistics and retail. ProGlove was founded in December 2014 after winning the Intel "Make it Wearable" Challenge in Silicon Valley.

Following rapid growth, ProGlove completed its second round of financing with investors DIVC, Intel Capital, Bayern Kapital and GETTYLAB. ProGlove employs 133 people from over 40 countries at its two sites in Munich and Chicago. 


ROYBI is an award-winning educational robot powered by artificial intelligence to focus on early childhood education and language learning. ROYBI is creating a future where young children can learn about anything from space to science to tech by just having daily conversations and providing them with an infinite learning opportunity. Over the next few years, ROYBI plans to increase the number of languages it can teach and expand content to STEM learning activities. 


Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, N.J., Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), is a recognized innovative leader in consumer electronics, mobile devices and enterprise solutions. A wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., SEA is pushing beyond the limits of today’s technology and providing consumers and organizations with a portfolio of groundbreaking products in appliances, home entertainment, Internet of Things, mobile computing, smartphones, virtual reality, wireless infrastructure and wearables, in addition to offering leading content and services related to mobile payments, 360-degree VR video, customer support and more. Samsung is a pioneering leader in smartphones and HDTVs in the U.S. and one of America’s fastest growing home appliance brands. To discover more about Samsung, please visit For the latest Samsung news, please visit and follow us @SamsungNewsUS.


Public Safety is the highest common good. Europe has gone to great length to mandate an embedded eCall in all vehicles. 

We’ve not mandated such safety regulations. In addition, America’s transportation model is changing. We’re more mobile than ever, using more diverse modes of transportation, in vehicles we don’t own. 

Sfara was founded to make public safety available to all citizens carrying a smartphones. The ubiquitous interface that goes where the owner goes, no matter how they got there. 

With Sfara, America can leapfrog ahead and implement overnight a secure, save and low-cost public safety system that looks out for our citizens in cars, on scooters, at home or on the go. 

And on top we have enabled the phone to become to hub for a future of C-V2X, creating the foundation for America to win the next transportation revolution. 


Sprinkl develops and manufactures the only smart sprinkler system that utilizes real time soil moisture data to deliver up to 70% water savings for home owners and commercial property managers alike. Through the use of multi-depth wireless soil moisture sensors, Sprinkl’s SmartYard system automatically assesses the watering needs for each section / zone of a property and then delivers the appropriate amount of water to that specific zone when necessary. This approach removes the guesswork and hassle from developing a watering schedule while dramatically reducing the amount of waste and overwatering that occurs in traditional watering schedules. Sprinkl is based in Frisco, Texas, and is committed to manufacturing all of its systems in the USA.


TourTrackr is a new tech feature that makes it easy to manage DC tour requests for Congressional offices.