2022 Hall of Fame Honorees

Each year, a new group of inventors, engineers, business leaders, retailers and journalists are inducted at CTA’s annual awards dinner. Meet this years honorees below.

Robbin, Kincaid and Heller Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid and Dave Heller

Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid and Dave Heller developed Apple's iTunes, the most popular digital media software in the world. iTunes became the cornerstone of Apple's media devices and services including the iPod, the iTunes Store, Podcasts, Apple TV, the App Store, Apple Music, and other digital media products. 

Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad

Joseph and Mayer Akhtarzad founded Los Angeles' premier consumer technology retailer, Video and Audio Center (VAC), known throughout the industry for being the first in the nation to sell the newest equipment and technologies, as a consultant to leading consumer technology vendors, and as the A/V resource to the stars.

Tim Baxter Tim Baxter

Tim Baxter spent 35 years as a consumer technology executive; as president and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, he oversaw Samsung's rise to become the top seller of TVs, appliances, and smartphones, and helped quadruple the company's annual revenue and define Samsung as a leading industry innovator.

Wanda Gass Wanda Gass

Wanda Gass, a Texas Instruments engineer, played a crucial role in the development of the digital signal processor (DSP) and speech recognition technologies that has led to today's voice control interfaces, and has broken barriers and paved the way for generations of women engineers.

Mike May Mike May

Mike May has been a pioneer in the development of the Finial laser turntable, the Sendero accessible GPS and the GoodMaps indoor navigation technology for people who are blind or visually impaired. He underwent a rare stem-cell transplant that restored some vision after 43 years of total blindness.

Hank Shocklee Hank Shocklee

Hank Shocklee has used his standing in the music world as founding member of pioneering hip-hop Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group Public Enemy to influence the U.S. Congress from passing bad technology legislation and become a ubiquitous CES Ambassador and advocate for consumer technology rights.