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Consumer Technology Associations’s Innovation Entrepreneur Awards Program recognizes the contributions of individuals and small businesses in the consumer technology (CT) industry that demonstrate innovation, dedication to the industry, community outreach, and the tenacity to persevere through business and economic challenges. The winners of this award will include one CT company, one startup company and one individual CT executive, who will be determined by a panel of industry judges. Participation is limited to CT companies and CT executives of organizations with annual domestic revenue under $30 million.  

We base our entrants and nominees’ eligibility on past participation in the design, development, manufacturing and retail or distribution of consumer electronics products, accessories and related products offered through consumer channels. Also eligible are those who have contributed to the industry in other significant ways.  

  • Candidates must have made a significant contribution that positively impacted the CT industry in terms of leadership, technical and marketing development and enhanced the lives of consumers. 
  • Candidates must have been involved in the consumer technology industry for at least five years prior to the year of consideration for induction. 
  • Candidates, who have been indicted, committed a felony or are of questionable character and integrity, as determined by CTA’s Executive Board, are not eligible.  

The deadline for nominations for this year is April 30, 2018. Winners will be selected by a panel of industry judges and announced at Innovate Celebrate this fall.