Smart Home!

What can a smart home do for you?

A smart home is a collection of devices and appliances that connect to the internet to let you remotely control and program everyday functions in the house – such as temperature, entertainment, security systems and more – from anywhere at anytime. Smart home devices will save you time, effort and even reduce your home energy costs.

Get the most from your smart home

Did You Know?

Smart home devices help seniors live at home comfortably and safely, gaining a new sense of independence. They also provide caregivers and loved ones more peace of mind. What are the top products being incorporated into seniors’ homes?

  • Smart speakers allow seniors with limited mobility to control their lights, temperature, entertainment and more with just their voice.  

  • Monitoring systems, motion detectors and cameras enable caregivers and family members to check in on the wellbeing of a loved one remotely.

  • Wearables, such as smart watches, track a senior’s health and can alert them when it’s time to take their medication.

  • Smart doorbells and locks enable seniors and family members to remotely greet visitors and allow access to visitors, professional caregivers or emergency responders.

The CTA Foundation focuses on enhancing the lives of seniors and people with disabilities by keeping them connected to the benefits of technology. To learn more about the CTA Foundation’s work and research related to active aging visit

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