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CareWheels developed an app called CareBank that enables people to take advantage of TeleCare services and benefit from connecting with a network of peers. The CareBank integrates individual health-monitoring sensors that allow users to live independently, with an online time bank that rewards those users for connecting with others and engaging in mutually beneficial actions. The care sharing economy that is created enables users to improve their medication adherence and strengthen their social connections.

Since the start of the grant from the CTA Foundation, CareWheels has conducted their pilot project at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center and at a local village belonging to the Village-to-Village Network. Participants have described the app as very easy to use, and helpful for medication and meal reminders.


“You don’t want to have to wait for a crisis to implement something that will help you be able to stay at home.”

“It feels like someone’s looking out for you. Yeah! Someone cares. So you have to keep up your routine.”