The Trade War

America’s trade war with China is hurting businesses and consumers across the country. While the president is right to address China’s forced technology transfer and intellectual property theft, retaliatory tariffs are the wrong approach.

The U.S.-China trade war has cost the U.S. consumer tech industry nearly $14 billion.

Hurting U.S. Businesses and Consumers

Tariffs are taxes. The Chinese government doesn’t pay for them — Americans bear the burden.

 The uncertainty and volatility of this tariff policy impacts U.S. businesses, workers, families, the economy and our global competitiveness.

The costs of tariffs will mean higher-priced products, layoffs and possible bankruptcy. A recent CTA study looked at the cost of tariffs on some of consumer’s favorite tech products. 

Hear from Tech Leaders How the Trade War Is Already Affecting U.S. Businesses

CTA CEO talks about how tariffs are affecting the industry.
Small and midsize businesses can't absorb hit from tariffs like bigger companies, JLab CEO says.
Jasco CEO says tariffs having a "devastating impact."​
AudioControl CEO: Trade tariffs are basically a direct tax on our business​.

U.S. Companies Suffering Under Tariffs

Alex Camara, CEO, AudioControl
Alex Camara, CEO, AudioControl

“My company faces irreparable harm from these tariffs. AudioControl relies on U.S. metals — 60% of our parts are from across America, and we make our products right outside of Seattle. I support President Trump’s strong position on China, but these tariffs are a harsh tax on my U.S. business.” 

Deena Ghazarian, CEO, Austere
Deena Ghazarian, CEO, Austere

“My technology accessories company launched less than three months ago and already faces mounting harm from these tariffs. I have worked in the consumer tech industry for more than 20 years and now, as a CEO, have never been faced with the same challenges that my company and I face today. To compete globally, my proudly U.S.-based tech company needs the support of our domestic government so we can thrive in the global economy, and these tariffs significantly challenge our strategic plane and possibly our ability for success.​” 

Jason Trice, CEO, Jasco Products Company​
Jasco Products Company
Jason Trice, CEO, Jasco Products Company​

"Over 92% of our business has already been impacted by List 1, List 2 and List 3 tariffs — and has already had a huge impact for our 400 team members that now have less income to purchase products becoming more expensive as a result. It would take years and tens of millions of dollars to redevelop our products and ramp up production in other countries."

Win Cramer, CEO, JLab Audio​
JLab Audio
Win Cramer, CEO, JLab Audio​

“Being a small to mid-size business, these tariffs disproportionately harm us since we can’t absorb the costs like larger businesses that compete in our space. The fact is, we now have to seriously consider layoffs and raising prices to retailers, which ultimately trickles down to the consumer.”​ 

Tell Congress to protect Americans from this trade war with China.

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