Privacy and Security

The tech industry must continue to build and maintain trust around consumer data. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables life-changing innovations but comes a higher risk of cyberattack and more bad actors. 

CTA is educating lawmakers on how to better protect consumer privacy, improve product security and foster market incentives for more secure IoT products. 

CTA also supports a federal privacy standard to ensure consistency and clarity for consumers and innovators when it comes to consumers’ personal information. 

Read CTA’s letter to Congress outlining our privacy and security priorities. (PDF)

Legislative Priorities Around Privacy

Establish Standards

Establish a uniform, technology-neutral, national standard — consistent protections across technologies, companies, agencies and state borders better ensure consumer trust, continue data-driven innovation and realize its benefits.

Focus on Risk

Employ a risk-based focus on data – legislation should address the type of data at issue.

Maintain Freedom

Maintain freedom to innovate. Legislation should give legal clarity, without inhibiting businesses' ability to innovate and compete.

Follow Principles

Follow time-tested, consensus-based principles. Any legislative approach should embrace the principles of transparency, consumer choice and heightened protections for sensitive data.


To fight growing cybersecurity threats, CTA develops real-world solutions for industry and government with the Council to Secure the Digital Economy

In partnership with Council to Secure the Digital Economy, CTA helped develop two groundbreaking security initiatives:

CTA is an ANSI-accredited standards development organization, where industry builds technical standards for security. CTA also convenes member groups to work on these and other important topics.