June 6, 2014
The Honorable Terry McAuliffe
Governor of Virginia
Office of the Governor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23219
Dear Governor McAuliffe:
I am writing to urge your immediate action to overturn the recent move by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) demanding alternative transportation service Uber cease operations in the Commonwealth.  The DMV’s ill-considered action was shocking and unexpected. This anti-consumer move threatens jobs across the Commonwealth and runs counter to your campaign brand to make Virginia hospitable to business. We share the goal of enhancing Virginia’s reputation as a home for innovation and a pro-business state.
Innovative transportation services such as Uber have sprung up in cities across the United States, transforming the way we get around. These services are fast, convenient and particularly well-suited to localities looking to increase transportation options while reducing the number of cars clogging their streets.  The services also create new jobs and expand economic opportunities for legacy private transportation providers, giving them broader and more efficient access to clients.
The DMV’s action undermines the numerous benefits these services provide. 
The decision jeopardizes thousands of jobs in Virginia, primarily those of small business entrepreneurs, restricting their ability to contribute to our state’s economy. 
The DMV’s action is anti-consumer, denying Virginians the ability to use Uber to provide affordable, safe and reliable transportation alternatives.
More, the DMV’s action flies in the face of our state’s historic reputation as a hospitable home for business.  As you know, Virginia’s business-friendly policies help attract the best and brightest.  We rank first across many lists of best states for business based on a variety of factors including our business-friendly government policies.  These policies have helped our state serve as the birthplace for hundreds of innovative technology companies including AOL and MicroStrategies. We also were the first state in the nation to create the office of Secretary of Technology.
I was proud to support your candidacy for governor because of your pro-business stance.  I call on you now to fulfill the promise so many in Virginia’s business community hold for you.
Ridesharing deserves a permanent home in Virginia.  Please act now to overturn this anti-innovation, anti-business and anti-consumer move by the DMV.

Gary Shapiro
President and CEO