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Danfung Dennis, CEO and Co-founder, Condition One

Condition One is a technology company developing next-generation immersive video applications. We have a discussion about innovation, how Condition One stands out from its competition and the government’s role in startups.

How do you define innovation?

Innovation is the realization of a vision through the efforts of team collaboration.

What inspired you to create Condition One?

The ideas for Condition One emerged while I was working as a photojournalist in Iraq and Afghanistan. I felt that existing technology was not able to convey that experience, so I needed to build a new way of capturing reality.

How does Condition One differ from its competitors?

Other panoramic video companies only offer complex and expensive hardware solutions, while our solution is simply software. Our technology and workflow is different in both the capture and display method. Our capture does not rely on specialized equipment. All the cameras required to shoot Condition One video are available off the shelf. Our immersive video player is designed specifically for mobile and tablet devices, which takes advantage of the accelerometers and gyroscopes to control the viewer’s window into the video.

What aspect of being a startup has been the most challenging?

Merging video with 3D graphics is a new frontier in technology with few precedents. We are venturing into a new market where the risks are extremely high. However, I am highly confident as I am surrounded by a highly skilled team experienced in advanced algorithms, GPU optimization and 3D reconstruction on the engineering side, and strategic partnerships, operations and financial modeling on the business side.

What do you think the government should do to encourage startups?

There is a balance between free enterprise and the creation of an environment that fosters innovation and risk-taking. The most efficient markets require both.

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