Policy Focus for 2013

The Innovation Movement made important steps in ensuring a thriving future for innovation with passage of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in 2012, and approval of voluntary incentive spectrum auctions. However, reforms to the nation’s immigration policy to attract and retain the best and brightest failed to be enacted. Each year, the U.S. educates and trains tens of thousands of foreign students at our world-class universities. Once they complete their education, many of these students are unable to stay in America.
Today’s system makes it difficult for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain visas, increasing the probability they will move their business and jobs somewhere else. The U.S. loses while other countries flourish from our fragmented policies. To stay competitive in a global economy, the U.S. must enact smarter immigration reform that encourages job creators to stay in America. In 2013, the mission of the Innovation Movement is to urge policymakers to enact strategic immigration reforms that will foster innovation and entrepreneurialism and create jobs in America.


The Innovation Movement has introduced an app to capture your innovation story. Just like Fabien’s ad, you can use an ad template to tell your story. Just upload a photo of yourself, choose from one of the basic templates, and then personalize your story and share with your network. Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee at an innovative company or just passionate about innovation, the app can be used by anyone to share how important innovation is to America. The app is available online at DeclareInnovation.com for both iOS and Android devices.

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