On November 6, like millions of other Americans, I walked to my local polling place and stood in an amiable line with a diverse group of neighbors, as we cast our votes for the candidates of our choice. The election was well-organized, and resolved without controversy. Once again, we demonstrated why we are the world’s leading democracy. We joined together in thanking all those who fought, marched, protested and died to allow us to peacefully choose our leaders.

Not only was the election a good day for democracy, it was also a largely victorious night for CEA. Out of the 38 candidates CEA supported in November’s election, 28 won their seats.

More, as a result of the elections, a number of pro-tech members will be moving into key positions. Tech-savvy Bob Goodlatte of Virginia will likely be taking over the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee. Innovation advocate and CEA Digital Patriot Ron Wyden is set to assume chairmanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and CEA Digital Patriot Darrell Issa will continue to serve on the influential House Judiciary Committee.

We are excited that the election will be bringing a number of new members with business and technology experience to Congress. These include former Microsoft Vice President Suzan DelBene from the state of Washington, RightNow Technologies Founder Steve Daines from Montana, and telecommunications Executive Matt Salmon from Arizona. All three should have a keen understanding of how Congress can promote—not harm—the technology sector.

Overall, this was largely a status quo election—the Democrats kept the White House and the Senate, the Republicans kept Congress. The first few months of the year will be furiously active, with Congress and the White House having to address the various “fiscal cliff ” issues.

We will face huge challenges as we fight to make both parties responsibly address our dire fiscal situation and fix our anti-innovation immigration system. We will be wary against attempts to waylay or delay spectrum auctions, and urge action against “patent trolls” who are misusing the law to shake down tech businesses. As always, we will push back aggressively on those who want government to dictate how we design and build our products.

As engaged CEA members, you are the invaluable point of our spear. Thank you for all you do to promote our success, both now and in the future.