I live and breathe our industry. I come to work e very day excited and thrilled and knowing I am luck y. Not because the gadgets are fun or cool. Not because of the bigness of CEA or the fame of our members.

My joie de work flows from our industry’s unstoppable innovation and the greatness in human potential we symbolize and offer. It’s not just that our products, apps and services are changing the world; it’s that we are the face of innovation, empowering people around the world and enabling even the poorest to access what the wealthy could not even imagine just a few years ago.

Innovation has become the main focus of the Consumer Electronics Association.

Our flagship event, the International CES, is the world’s largest and most exciting innovation stage. It is where leaders from Detroit, Madison Avenue and Hollywood converge with their counterparts from abroad to do business and see the future. CES is not just about cool products—it is now about bright people, ideas and innovation. From Eureka Park, where start-ups engage, to our Innovations area, to any of the some 3,000 exhibits and the 900 plus speakers, we are focusing on ideas and trends. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.”
"Today simple survival requires innovation and challenges to the status quo and conventional thinking."

CEA’s Innovation Movement is a big idea focusing on the importance of innovation in our future. Innovation creates economic growth and growth creates commerce, jobs and progress. All three are building blocks for any society. The Innovation Movement has attracted hundreds of thousands of people who believe in non-partisan policies favoring innovation—highlighting the role of the American ideal of innovation in achieving the American dream.

And at this CES, we release CEA’s newest book on innovation. Ninja Innovation:The Ten Killer Strategies of the World’s  Most Successful Businesses focuses on how people, companies and even countries can create, compete and solve problems—all attributes of the ninja. Today, simple survival requires innovation and challenges to the status quo and conventional thinking. It follows our 2011 bestseller, The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream, as CEA strives to move the needle and focus attention on the role of innovation in making our nation a better place.

We think innovation is so important that we have changed the name, look and feel of our flagship publication. What used to be known as Consumer Electronics Vision is now called i3 or It Is Innovation. If we are passionate about innovation then we ourselves have to innovate and reflect it in all that we do.

So, welcome to this era of rapid innovation. Keep risking. Keep innovating. Make it better. Make us better.

Have a great 2013!