Agreement Boosts Cloud Computing Development

A recent memorandum of understanding between Avnet Electronics Marketing and authorities in Beijing will help develop technologies for cloud computing and data centers in China. As part of the agreement, Avnet will invest in a laboratory focusing on research for server architecture as well as an ‘integration centre’ in Beijing. A report from research firm IDC predicts China will spend more than $1 billion on cloud computing infrastructure by 2016, up from $286 million in 2011.

Chinese Speech Technology Market

IFlyTek, a company founded in 1999 by students from the University of Science and Technology of China, now controls 80 percent of the speech technology market in China. The company maintains more than 10,000 partners and developers. According to MIT Technology Review, iFlyTek boasts hundreds of millions of users of its text-to-speech products and services and cloud-based Voice Cloud platform.

Lenovo Becomes World’s Top Laptop Supplier

China-based Lenovo claims to be the number one supplier of laptops across the globe, as it released its November earnings report. Lenovo’s second quarter sales reached $8.7 billion, an 11 percent increase year-over-year and a record for the company. Lenovo also announced two acquisitions during the second fiscal quarter: Brazilian electronics company CCE and Indiana-based software company Stoneware.

Growing Market for Smartphones

Market research firm Business Monitor International based in Boston, Mass., forecast the China consumer electronics market would grow by around 11 percent in 2012 in its Q4 China Consumer Electronics Report. Mobile phone operator China Mobile forecasts sales of smartphones could reach 100mn units by 2013, while BMI projects that sales could pass 500m units by 2016. Vendors such as Samsung expect that China will be among their most important smartphone markets.

China May Lift Ban on Gaming Consoles

According to Reuters, China may be easing its ban on video game consoles—a restriction that has been in place since 2000—as the China Quality Certification Center recently approved two models of Sony’s PlayStation 3. China’s Ministry of Culture had banned video game consoles, claiming they harmed the well-being of young people. Sony stressed to Reuters that the approval did not signal an official decision by the CE Company to enter the Chinese market.

Trademark Dispute Settled, iPad Sales Soar

Apple has settled a trademark dispute with Chinese company Proview and has seen sales of its iPad tablet in China jump 80 percent in Q3, according to estimates from IDC. Proview registered the ‘IPAD’ trademark in 2000, and the dispute delayed the release of the popular tablet in China. Apple has yet to announce when the latest version of its iPad, as well as the iPad Mini, will be released in China. Apple’s China business reached $5.7 billion in sales in Q4.