Innovation—it’s a simple concept, yet hard to define. The essence of the consumer technology industry is to build on what has come before and take it to the next level by simply asking, “What if?” To create something extraordinary, you have to step outside your boundaries.
Welcome to the first issue of It Is Innovation or, as we call it, i3—CEA’s new publication that focuses on innovation in all areas of the CE industry: technology, policy and business strategies.
In our 2013 International CES issue, we focus on startups and entrepreneurs. In our cover story, we talk with Alexis Ohanian who co-founded reddit, the social news website that encourages “redditors” to submit content and let other users vote the stories “up” or “down.” Today Ohanian also is an advocate for a free and open Internet as well as an investor and startup guru.
Another entrepreneur,, is a hip-hop mogul and a founding member of The Black Eyed Peas. But did you know he also is passionate about technology? He defines innovation “as seeing where the ball is going and getting there before the ball.” He also has a CE startup called
I3 doesn’t stop there. We look at Eureka Park entrepreneurs who are at CES with a great idea and are looking to partner with other companies, find funding or connect with customers. Also, read the personal stories in “Faces of Innovation,” on pages 94–100, to be inspired. CEA is also offering a new membership category for CE start-ups to provide these innovative companies access to CEA member benefits to help grow their businesses.
Get a look at hot technologies like Ultra HD, the connected car, 4G and beyond, and a peek at Google’s fiber rollout in Kansas City. On the policy side, check out CEA’s Innovation Movement and join if you have not already. You can read an excerpt from CEA’s new book, Ninja Innovation, written by President and CEO Gary Shapiro (available at CES), and find out what FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is looking for at the show. See our exclusive sections on CES Unveiled and the winners of the Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase. Enjoy CES and being part of the heartbeat of innovation.

Cindy Loffler Stevens, Editor-in-Chief