CES attendees understand how convenient it would be to be in two places at once. New CEA member and first time exhibitor Suitable Technologies has developed remote presence technology that allows people separated by distance to communicate, collaborate and interact with one another as if they shared the same physical space. Beam by Suitable Technologies can transform the ability to interact with everyone from coworkers to friends and family regardless of distance. I3 recently spoke with Scott Hassan, CEO of Suitable Technologies. 

What makes Suitable Technologies different?

Our innovative spirit stems from our background in video conferencing, wireless technologies, personal robotics and the Internet. We were forced to innovate on many of the key technologies to bring Beam to market. Our first product, Beam, combines the best of those technologies into an easy-to-use, integrated system that enables you to “travel instantly” or Beam there. Beam conveys an authentic feeling of “being there,” for parties on both sides of the communication link. You can seamlessly go from a meeting to a hallway conversation to the lunchroom and to the lab as if you were there. This provides true freedom for the remote manager or worker—as if they were actually present.

How did Suitable Technologies start?

I am the CEO of Suitable Technologies, which is a spin-off from my robotics company, Willow Garage. I formed Suitable Technologies to build products that enable better communication and collaboration for remote workers, and to help me manage my businesses while staying connected to my family.

Why did you become a CEA member?

We plan on initial sales in the U.S. during the first year, but we realize that many customers will want to use Beam to collaborate with colleagues in other countries. CEA membership will help us network with global partners.

What do you predict the hottest technology will be at CES ?

One of the hottest technologies of 2013 would have to be our Beam system (though I am biased). In 2014 and on, we are planning future Beam systems that can perform basic human feats such as opening doors, pushing elevator buttons and pouring drinks for people. We are looking into innovative display technologies that will allow a user to look life-like in a remote location.

What is most exciting about the CE industry?

It is on the verge of rapid expansion and we hope to be a part of that. Computing hardware has finally become powerful enough at low-cost to really alter the way people communicate in real-time.