A new CEA study finds that football is more than just the national pastime – it’s also an excuse to shop for a new TV. According to CEA’s forthcoming Sports and Technology Study V, nearly a quarter (22 percent) of high-definition television (HDTV) owners in the U.S. bought a new set in order to watch the Super Bowl – the highest ranking sporting event to affect HDTV purchases.
But come Sunday night, TVs won’t be the only CE devices capturing football fans’ attention. Of the 70 percent of online U.S. adults who say they’ll follow the championship game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, 10 percent say they’ll follow the game via social media. Meanwhile, eight percent say they plan to keep track of the score and stats online, while seven percent say they’ll watch clips and highlights online, and another seven percent say they plan to stream the game live via the Internet.
Kevin Tillmann, senior research analyst at CEA, says sporting events have a strong track record of driving TV sales year after year. “The impact of these sports events on consumer electronic sales is even higher when factoring in TV accessories and premium broadcast services. One quarter of online U.S adults that subscribe to cable, satellite or fiber-to-home television service currently pay extra to subscribe to a premium sports package.”
CEA’s Sports and Technology Study V report will be published in March and will be available for free to CEA members at members.CE.org. Non-members will be able to purchase the study at store.CE.org