Informed decisions start with CEA’s consumer technology market research. With industry data going back nine decades, CEA’s industry knowledge is relied upon by the technology community, financial markets, economists and the media. CEA offers the following types of market research products and services to help professionals stay on top of trends in the consumer technology industry. Learn more about each of CEA’s market research offerings at

Research Studies: CEA publishes more than two dozen studies each year on topics ranging from CE ownership and adoption rates to industry-specific market studies.

Consumer Sentiment Indexes: Forward-looking indexes measure how consumers perceive the overall health of the economy and the outlook for technology spending.
Economic Analysis: CEA’s chief economist explains how big picture issues facing the global economy play into the bottom line for CE developers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Global Sales and Forecast Data: From manufacturing facilities in the Asia/Pacific region to retail stores in your neighborhood, CEA’s unmatched knowledge of the consumer technology industry spans the globe. The semi-annual GfK Digital World publication is produced by GfK Boutique Research in partnership with CEA.
U.S. Sales and Forecast Data: Find sales statistics across all major consumer technology categories in CEA’s bi-annual U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales & Forecasts.

Data Program: For more than 80 years, the CE MarketMetrics program has helped companies measure sales performance and plan for the future by tracking CE factory sales through U.S. consumer channels.
Research Library: Leveraging CEA’s market research and dozens of other sources, CEA’s team of research librarians field questions on industry topics ranging from audio accessories to green tech to ultra high-definition products – helping CEA members find whatever they need for preparing business plans or projects. CEA members enjoy 24-hour access to library website resources.
Research Conferences: Throughout the year CEA produces specialty events that offer insight and analysis for industry professionals and executives.

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CEA’s Sales & Forecasts – A Look at What’s to Come

The January 2013 edition of the U.S. Consumer Electronics Sales & Forecasts was released this week and is available in the CEA store. Published twice a year, this report examines the size and growth of a wide array of CE products and accessories, including home entertainment and smart home products, communications devices, electronic gaming equipment, portable entertainment devices and in-vehicle technologies.

These topline forecasts are referenced in the business plans of major retailers and manufacturers and are used by analysts to track the industry. Sales & Forecasts are free to CEA members; non-members can purchase these reports by visiting

Millennials are the New Face of Retail

Millennials, the first generation to grow up in a fully digital world, are turning the retail model on its head. Representing more than 27 percent of the U.S. population, Millennials are heavier purchasers of CE devices, learn about new products differently than previous generations and are more likely to purchase add-on services such as extended warranties and technical support.


As the Millennial generation ages and gains more purchasing power and influence, it is crucial for the tech industry to understand how these consumers adopt new technologies. Learn more about how manufacturers and retailers can capture the attention of the Millennial market by downloading Millennials - The New Face of Retail at

Access the Latest Reports through the CES App Download the CES app to access the latest research from CEA, like Spotlight on Americans 50+. This series of analysis briefs, sponsored by AARP, explores theCE habits and opinions of consumers in the 50-plus age bracket. These reports focus on CE ownership, usage behaviors and purchase plans for a variety of technologies.

Tablet Purchases Continue at Torrid Pace

As consumers continue to shift toward portable connected devices for a larger portion of their computing needs, tablet purchases have skyrocketed. Among online adults, tablet ownership has more than doubled in less than 12 months, increasing from 14 percent in October 2011, to 31 percent in September 2012. Owners are primarily using their tablets at home to consume entertainment content, especially movies, and to keep in touch with friends and family via emails, messages and social networking.

CEA’s latest edition of the Consumer Outlook on Tablets also found that online consumers plan to purchase tablets and laptops at equal rates over the next two years. Tablet owners remain a computer-centric population and are also more likely to own and purchase other computing devices, such as laptops, desktops and netbooks.
For an in-depth look at shipment forecasts, consumer pricing expectations, device satisfaction levels and social media conversation volumes by tablet model and activity type, download the Q4 edition of the Consumer Outlook on Tablets, part of CEA’s quarterly report series, at