CEA realizes that consumer technology is a pathway to greener living, and promotes green technologies across the industry, as well as at the International CES. For example, innovative technologies can offer alternative  energy options and assist consumers in measuring energy usage. At the same time, responsible disposal of CE products is as important as ever. CEA offers consumer guides, websites and market research to ensure the industry is “living green.”


CEA launched GreenerGadgets.org to inform the public about the environmentally-friendly attributes of CE products, with tips on how to buy green, live green and recycle electronics responsibly. This online consumer resource highlights the industry trend toward “greener gadgets” – smaller, smarter, more energy-efficient devices that can do more than ever before. GreenerGadgets offers a number of tools, such as:
• Energy Use Calculator: The most up-to-date products and energy figures to help consumers to better understand their energy usage.
• Electronics Recycling Locator: Consumers looking to find a local recycler can use the recycling locator database, which includes industry programs as well as third-party certified recyclers.

eCycling Leadership Initiative

In 2011, CE industry leaders launched the first-ever, industry-wide electronics recycling initiative to recycle one billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016. The eCycling Leadership Initiative (CE.org/ecycle), seeks to improve consumer awareness of the more than 7,500 collection sites sponsored by the industry, increase the amount of electronics recycled responsibly, increase the number of collection opportunities available, and provide transparent metrics on eCycling efforts. One billion pounds of electronics, if not properly recycled, would fill about 88.9 million cubic feet, equivalent to a 71,000-seat NFL stadium.

Green Research

CEA market research examines a number of issues related to green technology, including smart grid applications, electronics recycling and energy efficiency. Recent studies and surveys from CEA’s market research department include:
Impact of Smart Grid on Connected Homes 2012
CE Recycling and Reuse 2012 Edition
Powering Intelligent Electricity Use

Visit research.CE.org for more information.

Sustainable Materials

Leaders from the world’s biggest CE trade associations, including CEA, DIGITALEUROPE and the Japanese Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative (JGPSSI) have joined together to create guides for disclosing the materials used in both the products and packaging of the CE industry. JIG-101, Material Composition Declaration for Electrotechnical Products, facilitates the reporting of material content information in electrotechnical products across the global supply chain by incorporating the most up-to-date regulatory and market requirements, including new criteria for determining threshold levels in products.

In 2012, CEA updated JIG 201, Material Composition Declaration for Packaging of Electrotechnical Products in collaboration JGPSSI. This guide for the supply chain represents industry-wide consensus on the relevant materials and substances that must be disclosed by suppliers when those materials and substances are present in packaging that is used to transport and protect electrotechnical products.

Both reports are available for download, free of charge, at CE.org/JIG.

Sustainable Planet TechZone

CES is one of the greenest tradeshows on Earth – purchasing carbon offsets, recycling hundreds of tons of waste, and offering a Sustainable Exhibits booth package, which includes eco-friendly paneling, carpeting and graphics printed with water-soluble ink and LED lighting. The Sustainable Planet TechZone continues this theme, serving as the premier location for world-changing technologies, whether benefiting the environment, utilizing new forms of sustainable energy, renewing resources or contributing to the development of nations. This area features products and services that make it possible for every person on this planet to stay connected,  nformed and live a sustainable lifestyle, through:

• Advances in green building;
• Alternative energy technologies;
• Smart grid technologies;
• Sustainable packaging; and
• Wireless convergence.
Be sure to visit the Sustainable Planet TechZone, located in The Venetian Ballroom at CES.

GoElectricDrive TechZone

This TechZone, sponsored by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (electricdrive.org), is a dynamic showcase of electric drive technologies, products and services. Electric vehicles and their associated charge stations – for homes, condominiums and public facilities – as well as a range of electric mobility products and services can be found in this thriving area of the show floor.

Numerous alternative transportation technologies will be on display at the GoElectricDrive TechZone, located in the LVCC’s North Hall during CES – don’t miss out!