When Congress convenes this month, legislators will face issues that impact the CE industry such as strategic immigration reform, energy and the environment, spectrum and mobile broadband access, patent reform, and free trade. CEA’s government and legal affairs team, the legislative voice for consumer electronics, is committed to advising, lobbying and reporting on federal, state and international CE policy on behalf of our members and the industry.

Strategic Immigration Reform
Innovative immigrants are central to America’s growth, job creation and global competitiveness. CEA supports strategic immigration reforms that allow foreign-born entrepreneurs and U.S.-educated immigrants to remain in the U.S. to build businesses and create jobs.

Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy

Documentary Premiere and Discussion
LVCC, North Hall, N254
January 8, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Catch the world premiere of Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy, in which Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian and General Manager Erik Martin set out on a national bus tour to “campaign for the Internet.” Following the premiere, Ohanian and Martin will participate in a panel discussion examining public policy and the Internet economy.

Spectrum and Mobile Broadband Access
America faces a looming spectrum shortfall. CEA supports efforts to free up spectrum for licensed and unlicensed use, through voluntary incentive auctions of TV broadcast spectrum, spectrum sharing and clearing of underutilized federal spectrum.

Energy Efficiency
Working with government agencies, suppliers, retailers and NGOs, CEA supports voluntary, market-oriented programs and initiatives that promote and advance energy efficiency. CEA’s comprehensive approach includes industry initiatives related to public policy, consumer education, research and analysis, and industry standards. One of these initiatives, the industry’s involvement in the successful ENERGY STAR program, is now 20 years old.

National E-Waste Framework
CEA continues to advocate for a national solution to e-waste. In 2011, CEA and industry leaders launched the first-ever industry-wide electronics recycling initiative to recycle one billion pounds of electronics annually by 2016, dubbed the “Billion Pound Challenge” – part of CEA’s eCycling Leadership Initiative. And CEA’s GreenerGadgets.org provides consumers with a convenient way to locate third-party certified or industry-sponsored recycling locations.

Protecting Intellectual Property
CEA supports a smart and balanced approach that protects IP owners without burdening legitimate businesses or thwarting the advancement of innovation.

Patent Reform
CEA supports legislation that combats the recent explosion of lawsuits brought by so-called ‘non-practicing entities,’ better known as ‘patent trolls.’ Every dollar spent fighting baseless lawsuits is a dollar not spent on creating jobs and developing new products, becoming a tax on innovation and making our economy less productive.

Information Technology Agreement (ITA )
CEA supports a comprehensive approach to the ITA and has been advising the Office of the United States Trade Representative on the CE industry’s position. Representatives from CEA recently travelled to Geneva to consult with the Secretary General of the World Trade Organization and several ITA member nations, helping to launch new trade negotiations.

CEA supports industry-driven solutions to ensure that innovative technologies and services are accessible to consumers with disabilities. CEA is working with the FCC as it implements the 21st Century Video and Communications Accessibility Act of 2010, and supports regulations that balance the twin goals of promoting accessibility and preserving continued innovation.

Safe Driving
A driver’s highest priority must be the safe control of his or her vehicle. CEA supports state legislation that prohibits texting while driving as well as a ban on all in-vehicle cell phone use by drivers with graduated licenses. However, CEA believes that policymakers must recognize that many in-vehicle electronics contribute to safer driving and offer valuable benefits.

Use of Electronics on Board Aircraft
CEA welcomes expanded opportunities for consumers to stay connected, informed, and entertained during flight and applauds the Federal Aviation Administration for launching a proceeding to facilitate the safe and managed use of consumer electronics on airplanes. As it has in the past, CEA stands ready to work collaboratively with policy makers and the airline industry to develop solutions that will facilitate the broader use of portable electronic devices while maintaining the highest levels of safety for passengers and aircraft.

Make Your Voice Heard

CEA’s Political Action Committee (CEAPAC) is the only PAC that specifically advocates on behalf of the CE industry. A strong industry PAC is essential for CEA’s continued success in Washington. Visit CEAPAC.org to learn more, or email Christie Meyer.

Participate in the Government Affairs Council
CEA’s Government Affairs Council (GAC) focuses on public policy issues that impact the consumer technology industry. GAC holds monthly meetings to update members on news from Capitol Hill and is subdivided into eight working groups. To learn more, contact Kathryn Alpago.

CES on the Hill and Digital Patriots Dinner
Each spring, CEA hosts CES on the Hill, bringing together members of Congress, Capitol Hill staffers and the press with executives from the CE industry. This event offers leaders in Washington an opportunity to interact with products at the crossroads of innovation and public policy. The following evening, CEA hosts its annual Digital Patriots Dinner honoring government officials and technology leaders for their positive influence on technology.

BIL and SBC Congressional Lobby Days
Each year, members of CEA’s Board of Industry Leaders (BIL) and the Small Business Council (SBC) converge on Capitol Hill to speak with lawmakers about issues facing their businesses.

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Join the Innovation Movement

Innovation is critical to American global leadership and economic growth. The Innovation Movement is a grassroots campaign to mobilize Americans in support of public policies – such as international trade, skilled immigration, deficit reduction and broadband deployment – that encourage and advance American business

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The Innovation Movement has a new app that lets you share your Innovation story using an ad template. Upload a photo or a short video of yourself, choose from four basic templates, and then personalize your innovation story and share it with your social network. The app is available at DeclareInnovation.com.

Each year, the U.S. educates tens of thousands of foreign students at our universities. After they complete their education, many of these students are unable to remain in America. The process makes it difficult for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain visas, increasing the likelihood they will move their business elsewhere. The U.S. loses while other countries prosper from our broken policies.
In 2012, the Innovation Movement took several major steps to ensure a prosperous future for innovation with passage of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act and approval of voluntary incentive spectrum auctions. In 2013, the mission of the Innovation Movement is to urge policymakers to enact strategic immigration reforms that will foster entrepreneurialism and create jobs in America.
Members of the Innovation Movement receive updates on key issues and have the opportunity to make their voices heard when lawmakers in Washington entertain proposals that threaten entrepreneurs.
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The Innovation Movement will be at the Experience CEA booth in the Grand Lobby of the LVCC during CES, capturing I AM INNOVATION stories on video. Stop by the booth to tell your story and it could appear on the Innovation Movement website, social media pages or in an ad campaign.
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