Journey to Purchase

March 10, 2016
CTA’s three Consumer Journey to Purchase studies (audio, health & fitness, and wireless) provides insight into the consumer’s path to purchase. These studies focus on what happens once consumers have purchased their device: returns, installation/setup, warranty, disposal, replacement, and future use and intention.

Staying Connected

August 24, 2015
CEA recently released its annual study of household CE ownership and purchase intent, the 17th Annual CE Ownership and Market Potential Study. While entertainment devices remain popular among households -- televisions and DVD/Blu-ray players are the most prevalent devices -- smartphones have moved into the third position, showing just how widespread mobile connected devices are today. Here are some of the study's highlights:

Video Viewing

April 30, 2015
As the way we watch video shifts, different age groups are using new video delivery methods and recommendation engines. The Content Distribution & Discovery Revolution from CEA and the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) looks at these differences, from the sources of video content to the devices these various groups prefer to view their content on. Source: CEA Market Research Related: Market Beat: How Streaming Video is Reshaping TV

3D Printing Consumer Awareness

January 15, 2015
CEA's recent research study measures consumer awareness about 3D printers. It also has some interesting findings. Did you know household goods, CE accessories and jewelry are at the top of wish lists for items that consumers would like to print?   The study also looks at where consumers look to purchase a 3D printer and what concerns them most about with the technology. Eye on emerging technology—3D Printing, available free to CEA members at has some noteworthy insights into this growing category.   Related: Market Beat: 3D Printers, A New Dimension of Innovation

What Is Driving Gaming?

October 10, 2014
The eighth generation of video game consoles promises to drive sales through the 2014 holiday season. CEA takes an in-depth look at trends in the gaming industry in the recent study The Future of Gaming. While video game consoles continue to be the most popular option among gamers, the growing popularity of gaming on mobile devices is an area to watch. With smartphone and tablet ownership at their highest rates, they are fast becoming the gaming devices of choice for many consumers.          

Sources for New Content

July 30, 2014
Consumers have numerous choices when it comes to video content sources, from cable, satellite and fiber to Internet streaming services and Blu-ray Discs. thanks to smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and Internet-connected HDTVs, viewers also have a wealth of options when it comes to which device they want to view their content on. CEA’s Video Content and Discovery and Purchasing Trends study examines consumers’ motivations and preferences in today’s shifting landscape of video content choices.   Related: Over-The-Top and Keeping the Cord

Seeing Double

March 25, 2014
One screen is never enough, and eight out of 10 people agree that sometimes there is something more to be seen while watching tv. here are the stats to explain the “who,” “how,” “why,” and “what” of our second screen experiences. we already know the answer to “when.”     Sources for all charts: CEA, NATPE, Second Screen—Creative Opportunity or Technological Imposition? and Follow the Eyes—The Second Screen and the Future of TV Viewing Related: Market Beat, The Rise of TV's Second Screen

Stats and Facts: Multi-Channel Retail Alignment

February 10, 2014
Consumers today use multiple channels to shop. Tech retailing now is a synthesis of bricks, clicks and apps distilled into an omnichannel approach. By aligning different channels, companies can deliver what CEA ’s research shows consumers want: a better link between the online experience and the physical store.   Market Background Total Factory Sales of Consumer Electronics (billions)     Satisfaction Customers are satisfied with their in-store and standard website experiences, while mobile falls short. The physical store excels at providing ...

The Connected Home Makeover

December 24, 2013
Many homes today are getting a technology facelift, adding connected devices like smart thermostats, programmable security and sprinkler systems, structured wiring solutions and energy-efficient lighting systems, among other installed technologies. Programmable thermostats are now in 42 percent of U.S. homes, according to a survey conducted by CEA of online U.S. adults. CEA’s Adoption and Usage of Home Automation survey found that the number of homes with installed programmable thermostats jumped seven percent between 2012 and 2013.   CEA’s study looks at how consumers are learning about new in-home solutions that make daily living easier. For retailers, the message is...
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