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MECP Certification Exams

MECP offers several certification levels to distinguish professionals. These supervised, computer-based exams offer superior service and make taking an exam easier than ever.

Basic Installation Technician (now available in Spanish)

Evaluates knowledge of apprentice-level topics including basic automotive electronics, installation techniques, shop safety, mobile entertainment, navigation, wireless communication and vehicle security.

Experience: Less than one year
Certification Length: Two years
Cost: $60 / $85

Advanced Installation Technician

Designed for technicians who have an understanding of vehicle electronics and how they are applied; topics including mobile audio and video systems, OEM integration, remote starters, satellite radio and troubleshooting installation issues.

Experience: At least one year
Certification Length: Four years
Cost: $80 / $105

Master Installation Technician

Assesses participant's knowledge of advanced electronic theory and application, which includes an extensive troubleshooting section for technicians with a high degree of skill.

Experience: At least three years and an Advanced Installation Technician certification
Certification Length: Four years
Cost: $100 / $125

Mobile Product Specialist

Created for sales professionals needing in-depth product, technology and system design knowledge; topics include introduction to basic electronics, acoustics, wireless systems, accessories, security systems and working with customers.

Experience: None
Certification Length: Four years
Cost: $60 / $85

Instant results!

MECP's computer-based testing option offers you great new benefits. You'll not only leave the test center with a printout of your results, but you'll receive login credentials to access your MECP account anytime via the Web. The candidate access tool allows you to e-mail a confirmation of your scores to an employer, track your expiration, update your contact information and even order a duplicate certificate. You can also elect to receive an e-mail notification when your certificate is due to expire.

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