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Complement your existing education, get your foot in the CE industry door, or qualify your entire service or retail team with a variety of accredited certification programs. Being certified in your field bolsters your expertise and assures current and prospective employers of your qualifications.

Listed are current certifications available to you through CEA and its partners.

Tailored for mobile electronics installers, MECP certification teaches the theory behind techniques and the industry's best practices developed and supported by the entire 12-volt industry. Exam questions ask you to identify real-world solutions to real-world problems, like eliminating noise, selecting proper gauge wires, determining ground locations and dealing with customer issues.
The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance builds the foundation for a career-ready technology workforce. As a professional-based organization, ESPA represents technicians -- the workers that are installing, maintaining, and upgrading 21st century technology. The ESPA Certified-EST and the accompanying curricula set the standard for entry-level ESTs. The ESPA Certified-EST provides a set of fundamental best practices common across all tech markets -- structured wiring, distributed audio and video, satellite, theater rooms, lighting, security and life safety systems and automation controls. ESPA Certified-EST covers five key domains: electrical basics; tools; construction methods and materials; wiring and installation practices; and standards, codes and safety practices.
View and learn more about other certification programs in the industry, including certifications from the Electronic Technicians Association, North American Retail Dealers Association and Professional Services Association.

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