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Power Management for A/V Network Capable Devices Technical Paper
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Technical Report
This technical report defines relative levels of power consumption for a networked device, the network-related functions of a device that affect power consumption, and terminology for power consumption levels internal to devices. Terminology presented on user interfaces may differ. The intention is to define the power to be consumed by the network interface in each power state of a device. The total power for a device in each power state can be calculated as the sum of the power required for the network interface plus power for the device functions that can operate in that state. This combined value is consistent with the reporting method established by Energy Star for product categories. The power state of the whole device is likely to be greatly influenced by the power state of the interface. However, the power states may differ: the interface may be active, while the device is quiescent. Please note that power consumption for networked devices will vary according the state of the network connection. Power limits for energy conservation are usually stated as average consumption over a specific time period (maybe up to a day). Therefore, the potential for frequent changes in network states needs to be considered when establishing power limits for devices. Power consumption for a specific device will depend on the states of other cooperating devices on the network. Also, devices supplying and consuming parasitic power are specifically interrelated. Devices on a network rely especially on common specifications to ensure that power management works, and that other devices on the network behave consistently with effective power management. To view technical report click here.
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R7 Consumer Electronics Networking Committee
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January 01, 2004
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