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Device Plug-In Interface to EIA/CTA-709.1 Network Tools
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This specification applies to a set of software interfaces between CTA-709.1-B Network Management Tools and device type specific software for device installation, configuration and commissioning, resulting in enhanced functionality of network management tools. This specification also provides backward compatibility to CTA-709.1-A-1999 tools. Supported devices include those that meet the CTA-709.1 standard for nodes and the objects they contain which communicate on an CTA-709.1 standard network. Network tool software and device plug-in software properly implementing their appropriate sides of the interfaces described in this specification interoperate on Microsoft, Windows, and Windows NT platforms using the Component Object Model (COM) technology for interoperability.
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R7 Consumer Electronics Networking Committee
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December 01, 2002
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: Software, installation, configuration, commissioning, nodes, objects, Component Object Model, COM, device, plug-in, plug, interface, network, tool


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