CTA-851.1-A R-2014

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IP-Based Digital Telephony for the Versatile Home Network
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CTA-851.1-A R-2014
This standard addresses IP-based digital telephony (sometimes referred to as Voice over IP) on the VHN. As the VHN is inherently digital it does not address analog telephony; nor does it address non-packet digital telephony, such as the streaming service provided by ISDN. However, future versions of this standard may address non-IP telephony. Also, note that this Standard defines the requirements for implementing a telephony function on a VHN. NOTE: Reaffirmed November 2014
Committe Name:
R7 Consumer Electronics Networking Committee
Publication Date:
February 01, 2009
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IP based telephone, telephone, VESA, Voice Over IP, digital telephone, telephony, digital, IP, versatile, home, network, VHN


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