CTA-2006-B (ANSI)

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Testing & Measurement Methods for Mobile Audio Amplifiers
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CTA-2006-B (ANSI)
CTA-2006-B defines characteristics that, considered collectively, describe the performance of power amplifiers designed for use in mobile applications. Power amplifiers designed for use in mobile applications include but are not limited to: separate single and multi-channel amplifiers, integrated amplifiers and bandwidth-limited amplifiers that are connected to and rely solely on the vehicle's primary electrical system for power input and have output power ratings of greater than 5 watts when measured in accordance with CTA-2006-B. See CTA-490-A for testing and measurement methods for those audio amplifiers that are not designed for in-vehicle applications.
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R6 Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee
Publication Date:
June 01, 2009
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