CTA-2003-C R-2013 (ANSI)

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Digital Audiobook File Format and Player Requirements
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CTA-2003-C R-2013 (ANSI)
CTA-2003-C defines requirements and provides recommendations to publishers, software developers, content providers and hardware manufacturers for the data structure, usability requirements, playback systems and delivery systems for audiobooks in digital file format. It should be noted that throughout CTA-2003-C, the term audiobook is defined as any audio file or collection of audio files of primarily spoken word content that is played in a linear order. Therefore, spoken word audio with occasional music, a narration of newspaper articles, or other similar spoken word audio, would additionally be considered audiobooks under this standard.
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R6 Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee
Publication Date:
April 01, 2007
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