R6 Portable Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee

CTA-CEB18 R-2012
Recommended Practice for Transmitter Control and Status Indication in Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDs)

Best Practices for Implementing Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) based Alerts for Consumer Electronics Devices

CTA-803-B (ANSI)
Mobile Electronics Wiring Designations for Audio and Vehicle Security/ Convenience

Recommendations for Pre-owned or Refurbished Mobile Devices

CTA-885 R-2013 (ANSI)
Remote Starter Safety

CTA-2003-C R-2013 (ANSI)
Digital Audiobook File Format and Player Requirements

CTA-2006-B (ANSI)
Testing & Measurement Methods for Mobile Audio Amplifiers

CTA-2015 (ANSI)
Mobile Electronics Cabling Standard

CTA-2017-A (ANSI)
Common Interconnection for Portable Media Players

CTA-2017.1 R-2013 (ANSI)
Serial Communication Protocol for Portable Electronic Devices

CTA-2031 R-2014 (ANSI)
Testing and Measurement Methods for Mobile Loudspeaker Systems

Keeping Your Eyes on the Road: What the CE Industry is Doing to Help You Drive Safely

CTA-2009-B (ANSI)
Receiver Performance Specification for Public Alert Receivers

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