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Active Format Description (AFD) & Bar Data Recommended Practice
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CTA-CEB16-A provides guidance for the development and implementation of consumer devices that process information related to aspect ratio signaling, Active Format Description (AFD) and bar data. Such devices may respond to this signaling by creating an optimum (or more desirable) display, by passing this signaling through to an analog or digital output, or in preparation of a digital recording. CTA-CEB16 reviews the standardized methods for representing AFD, aspect ratio information, and bar data on various analog and digital Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) interfaces. For each of various transmitted display formats, CTA-CEB16 provides recommendations for output signaling and display appearance, taking into account possible decoder capabilities, scaling options and user preferences regarding display format.
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R4 Video Systems Committee
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June 07, 2013
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DTV, HDTV, SDTV, digital television, CEA, CTA, video, AFD, automatic format description, bar data, pillarbar, aspect ratio, display format


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