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Cable Television Channel Identification Plan
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This standard specifically designates 6 MHz channel frequency allocations for 158 channels up to 1002 MHz, with a method of specifying higher channels. This standard is not intended to preclude channel mapping in cable systems. To provide compatibility, cable systems will follow the frequency allocations designated in this channel identification plan and will seek to ensure that all channel information that is supplied by the cable system properly identifies channels by numbers as well as by signal carried. The cable operator will provide information for printed and on-screen program guides, so that subscribers can directly reference programs with the channel identification plan used on cable ready receivers. This channel identification plan shall be used for RF channels carrying either analog or digital services for display on consumer TV sets. This standard does not specify a numbering plan for tuning of digitally multiplexed services within one or more RF channel(s) carrying digital services. Receiver tuning capacity is explicitly outside the scope of this standard.
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R4 Video Systems Committee
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June 20, 2013
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CEA-542, CTA-542, 6 MHz wide RF channels, TV channel ID plan, Cable TV frequency, channel frequency allocation, standard frequencies, channel edges


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