R4 Video Systems Committee

CTA-CEB3 R-2009 (Withdrawn)
Recommended Practice for Camcorder Specifications

CTA-CEB4 S-2013
Recommended Practice for VCR Specifications

CTA-TVSB-5 S-2015
Multi-Channel TV Sound System BTSC System Recommended Practices

NTSC/ATSC Loudness Matching

Active Format Description (AFD) & Bar Data Recommended Practice

CTA-CEB20 R-2013
A/V Synchronization Processing Recommended Practice

Mobile/Handheld DTV Implementation Guidelines

CTA-23-B R-2014
Measurement Procedures for Determining Compliance with FCC Rules for "Cable-Ready Consumer Electronics Equipment"

CTA-109-D R-2015 (ANSI)
Intermediate Frequencies for Entertainment Receivers

Cable Television Channel Identification Plan

CTA-544-C R-2014
Low Frequency Immunity of Tuners in A Cable System

CTA-639 (ANSI)
Consumer Camcorder or Video Camera Low Light Performance

CTA-774-C (ANSI)
TV Receiving Antenna Performance Presentation and Measurement

CTA-909-B (ANSI)
Antenna Control Interface

CTA-2013-A (ANSI) (Withdrawn)
Digital STB Background Power Consumption

CTA-2022 (ANSI) (Withdrawn)
Digital STB Active Power Consumption Measurement

CTA-2028-B (ANSI)
Color Codes for Outdoor TV Receiving Antennas

CTA-2032-B (ANSI)
Indoor TV Receiving Antenna Performance Standard

Determination of Television Set Power Consumption

CTA-2038 (ANSI)
Command-Driven Analog IR-Synchronized Active Eyewear

CTA-2041 (ANSI)
Standard for a Round Tactile Indicator

CTA-2043 (ANSI)
Set-top Box (STB) Power Measurement

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