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Audio Format Extensions
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This standard specifies additional Audio Format Code Extension values for Audio InfoFrames and CTA Short Audio Descriptors using previously reserved codes listed in Table 26 of CTA-861-E [1]. This standard also defines additional data fields in the previously defined future bits of Data Byte 3 of CTA Short Audio Descriptors, when the Audio Format Code bit-field in Data Byte 1 is set to 15. Recommendations surrounding audio format extensions are also provided. The requirements of this standard are in addition to and complement CTA-861-E [1]; all devices compliant with CTA-861.1 shall also comply with CTA-861-E [1] except that this standard deprecates and replaces Table 26 of CTA-861-E.
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R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee
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August 01, 2010
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Audio, audio formats, extensions, video, r4.8, CEA, Set top box, STB, satellite, digital, cable, digital television, DTV, DVD players, DVD recorders, sources, sinks, uncompressed, A/V, interfaces, ASCII codes, interlaced, timing, codes, video


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