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High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface
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This standard defines two raster-scanning systems for the representation of stationary or moving two-dimensional images sampled temporally at a constant frame rate. The first image format specified is 1280 x 720 samples (pixels) inside a total raster of 750 lines. The second image format specified is 1920 x 1080 samples (pixels) inside a total raster of 1125 lines. Both image formats shall have an aspect ratio of 16:9. This standard specifies an analog interface having Y', P'B, P'R color encoding. The intended uses of this interface should be: For interconnection between high definition television (HDTV) receiver decoder set top boxes and compatible television receivers or monitors. For interconnection between HDTV digital cable TV set top boxes (STBs) or satellite DBS receiver decoders, and compatible television receivers or monitors. For interconnection of equipment to complete, self-contained analog component video systems of relatively small size.
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R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee
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June 21, 2013
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CEA-770.3-E, CEA-770, CTA-770.3-E, CTA-770, HDTV, video scanning systems, video interface, television, input, signal, receiver, set top box, DTV, digital television, standard definition, TV, analog, component, video, interface, component video, STB


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