CTA-679-C R-2013

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National Renewable Security Standard (NRSS)
Document Number:
CTA-679-C R-2013
NRSS provides two physical designs. Part A defines a removable and renewable security element form factor that is an extension of the ISO-7816 standard. Part B defines a removable and renewable security element based on the PCMCIA C Card form factor. The common attributes allow either an NRSS-A or NRSS-B device to provide security for applications involving pay and subscription cable or stellite television services, telephone and all forms of electronic commerce.
Committe Name:
R4.8 DTV Interface Subcommittee
Publication Date:
October 17, 2013
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Embedded security, DTV, digital VCR, replaceable security, removable security, conditional access, CA, national, renewable, security, standard, NRSS, National Renewable Security Standard, cable, television, cable television, cable TV, CATV, MSO


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