CTA-766-D (ANSI)

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U.S. and Canadian Region Rating Tables (RRT) and Content Advisory Descriptors for Transport of Content Advisory Information Using ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP)
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CTA-766-D (ANSI)
This standard augments ATSC A/65 [A65] and designates a) the RRT which provides the receiver with the definition of the rating system and b) the Content Advisory Descriptors which provide the receiver with the specific program rating for each program. Specifically, this standard specifies the exact syntax to be used to define the U.S. and Canadian Rating Region Tables (RRT) in accordance with ATSC A/65 [A65] Section 6.4, as well as the exact syntax to be used in the Content Advisory Descriptors that convey the rating information for each program in accordance with ATSC A/65 [A65] Section 6.9.3. Thus DTV receivers are able to block unwanted programs as determined by the user. This standard does not indicate and is not meant to indicate techniques or procedures for blocking at the DTV receiver (for example, remote control, other human interface devices, on-screen displays and/or graphical user interfaces). See Annex A for related FCC regulations.
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R4.3 Television Data Systems Subcommittee
Publication Date:
December 11, 2013
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