R4.3 Television Data Systems Subcommittee

CTA-CEB12-B R-2015
DTV Recommended Practice for Locating and Navigating among ATSC Television Channels (Including PSIP Recommendations)

Recommended Practice for Selection and Presentation of DTV Audio

CTA-516 S-2013
Joint EIA/CVCC Recommended Practice for Teletext: North American Basic Teletext Specification (NABTS)

CTA-608-E R-2014
Line 21 Data Services

CTA-708-E (ANSI)
Digital Television (DTV) Closed Captioning

CTA-708.1 (ANSI)
Digital Television (DTV) Closed Captioning: 3D Extensions

CTA-766-D (ANSI)
U.S. and Canadian Region Rating Tables (RRT) and Content Advisory Descriptors for Transport of Content Advisory Information Using ATSC Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP)

CTA-814-B (J-STD-42-B) (ANSI)
Emergency Alert Messaging for Cable

CTA-2020 (ANSI)
Other VBI Waveforms

CTA-2035 (J-STD-70) (ANSI)
Emergency Alert Metadata for the Home Network

Closed Captioning in IP-delivered Video Programming

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