Television Antenna Marks, CTA-2028, CTA-2032

    Program Description

    A pair of product marks for TV antennas. One is used to identify outdoor antennas that comply with the CTA-2028 (ANSI) standard and to indicate what level of performance the antenna provides. The other is used to identify indoor TV antennas that comply with the CTA-2032 (ANSI) standard. Please visit for further details.


Participation Steps

Email CTA's product mark administrator at and specify what logo you are interested in obtaining.

CTA's administrator will email a PDF version of the agreement with directions on how to fill it out and return it properly.

Acquire the latest revisions of CTA-2028 (ANSI) and CTA-2032 (ANSI) and rate products in accordance with the standard and the license terms.

Pay the $1,000 administration fee to CTA per calendar year or part thereof.

If relevant, provide CTA an annual list of models bearing the logo.


Spectrum Antenna
Televes USA, LLC
Voxx International

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