DTV Product Marks

    Program Description

    A family of marks used with digital television products that conveys to the consumer basic capabilities related to display scanning or output format and presence of ATSC digital tuning/decoding circuitry.

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Participation Steps

Email CEA's product mark administrator at to get the specifics on how to use the family of logos.

At this time there is no administrative fee to use the DTV logos.


Alco Electronics Ltd.
Apex Digital Inc.
ASD Electronics Ltd.
Association of Cable Commuicators
Compal Electronics Inc.
Digital Products International Inc.
Funai Electric Co. Ltd.
Guangdong Changhong Electronics Co. Ltd.
Hitatchi Home Electronics (America) Inc.
Jabil Circuit Inc.
Orion Electric Co.
Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd.
Prima Technology Inc.
QVC Inc.
R. L. Drake Co.
Tatung Co.
Tonic DVB Marketing Ltd.
Westinghouse Digital Electronics

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