Audiobook Marks, CTA-2003-C

    Program Description

    CTA's Portable, Handheld and In-Vehicle Electronics Committee has developed a product mark program for audiobooks. An audiobook is any audio file or collection of audio files of primarily spoken word content that is played in a linear order. CTA has published two audiobook standards,CTA-2003-C, Digital Audiobook File Format and Player Requirements and CTA-2004, Audiobook Media and Player Compatibility. These standards cover the media, the player and how they work together to create a great listening experience. The product mark for audiobooks can be found on both compliant media and on players. This logo indicates to a consumer that an audiobook has the features described in the standards and that the player is capable of using those features. The audio book compatible mark applies to players, and the audio book format mark applies to content.


Participation Steps

E-mail CEA's product mark administrator at and specify what logo you are interested in obtaining.

CEA's administrator will email a PDF version of the agreement with directions on how to fill it out and return it properly.

Acquire the latest revision of CEA-2003-C and rate products in accordance with the standard and the license terms.

Pay the $1,000 administration fee to CEA per calendar year, or part thereof.

If relevant, provide CTA an annual list of models bearing the logo.

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