What questions do you have about CTA's Standards program?

Do I need to be a member of a CTA Technology & Standards committee, subcommittee or working group to attend meetings?

No. CTA Technology & Standards committee, subcommittee and working group meetings are open to anyone with a technical interest (except press).

How do I join a CTA Technology & Standards committee or subcommittee?

Simply visit CTA's standards collaboration site, standards.cta.tech, and sign up for an account. Employees of companies that are members of the Consumer Technology Association may create their own accounts and join whatever groups they like. People who are not employees of CTA member companies must first pay a participation fee. The details of that fee are explained at standards.cta.tech.

What about working groups?

Working groups are responsible for drafting standards and bulletins and conduct most business via conference call or email. Working groups forward their work to a committee or subcommittee for appropriate action. Working groups need participants willing to actively participate on regular conference calls and provide edits to the draft standard or bulletin. There is no fee for CTA members. CTA non-members pay a small participation fee.

How can my company join CTA?

For information concerning CTA membership benefits, eligibility and dues, visit www.CTA.tech/Membership.

Isn't standards development a long and resource-intensive process?

Not at CTA! The CTA standards development process itself only requires five weeks from initial presentation to vote. Working groups develop drafts, which are then presented to a committee or subcommittee for review and comment, followed by a vote. The time required for any specific standard can vary. CTA has completed some standards in as quickly as two months.

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