• The January 2016 edition of the Sales & Forecasts measures the size and growth of nearly 100 individual consumer electronics products and chronicles the underlying trends and market forces steering the industry. Read More

  • Download a free copy of our new Quarterly Outlook Report series. Others in the series focus on Tablets, Desktops, Smart Watches, Displays and Laptops. Read More

  • Active Aging captures consumers’ aging needs and wants from multiple dimensions, including those impacting physical, social, emotional and cognitive functionalities, as people grow older. Read More

  • CTA’s annual Household Consumer Technology Ownership and Market Potential study explores U.S. household ownership and purchase intent for several consumer technology products including: 4K Ultra HDTVs, smart watches, video game consoles, smartphones, laptop computers, tablet computers, bluetooth or wireless headphones, wearable fitness trackers, in-vehicle communications and more. Read More

  • CTA's annual benchmark study seeks to explore the market for home technologies in new housing construction. Read More

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