Public Policy and CE Industry Information

Laura Hubbard
Sr. Manager, Industry & Policy Communications
Specialty Areas: CE industry, Digital Answer Man Tour, Market research, public safety consumer campaigns
Izzy Santa
Director, Policy Communications
Specialty Areas: environmental/energy policy, Innovation Movement, Legislative and regulatory issues, startups
Rachel Horn
Director, Thought Leadership
Specialty Areas: CEA book opportunities, Executive media inquiries

International CES and CEA Events

Allison Fried
Director, Global Event Communications
Specialty Areas: broadcast operations, CES/CTA media spokesperson, CESTV, general, inquiries”, media, media and industry partnerships, satellite media tours
Krista Silano
Manager, International Communications
Specialty Areas: CES celebrity appearances, CES exhibitor PR, CES Press Day, press conferences, special events

CEA Publications/It Is Innovation (i3)

Cindy Stevens
Senior Director, Publications
Specialty Areas: CE Hall of Fame

Customer Service

CEA Tel: 866-858-1555 or 703-907-7600
CEA Fax: 866-858-2555 or 703-907-7601
CES Tel: 866-233-7968 or 301-631-3986
CES Fax: 301-694-5124 
Media/Analysts Center Tel: (703) 907-4365 
Media/Analysts Center Fax: (703) 907-8105 
Media/Analysts Center Email:

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