The CTA Foundation's mission is to link seniors and people with disabilities with technology to enhance their lives. The programs listed on this site highlight some of the examples of areas where we have been able to assist innovative nonprofits to make a difference. 

CTA Foundation Video Highlights

See highlights from our support of BridgingApps, Gallaudet University and San Diego Futures Foundation:

See highlights from our support of Lighthouse International, Older Adults Technology Services, and Selfhelp Community Services:

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We are proud of the accomplishments of the programs that the CTA Foundation supports. 

Here are just a few examples of lives impacted through our support:

  • “You’ve empowered me.  I was shut off, forgotten.  Now I have a voice again.  I can’t say thank you enough.” Jamy (Selfhelp Virtual Senior Center Participant)
  •  “I used to read 5 papers a day, 10 magazines a week, and for pleasure I’d read 30-40 books a year.  That all stopped.  I couldn’t read anything.  And all of a sudden I can do all those things again thanks to technological devices.  Very very exciting and very liberating.” Bernie (Lighthouse Guild Participant)
  • “After a stroke, and because of cognitive challenges, you can use Facetime to talk to children that move to college and it’s like being there.  It’s important for me” Lincoln (BridgingApps Participant)
  • One Senior Planet member, formerly facing eviction from her apartment, reported: "This week I was awarded my 100th Elance job! I have retained my five-star average, and now have six repeat clients, and my latest ranking as of last week is No. 76 out of the 239,000 writers registered with the site worldwide. Prior to my OATS training, I had never even heard of Elance, but through your classes I gained the skills and confidence to give it a try. So I want to thank you both for the big role that OATS has played in my success and showing me that Seniors can still be productive. I hope your program can continue to help many other older adults the way it has helped me."
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John Shalam and VSC participant Shirley