The CTA Foundation

The CTA Foundation

The CEA Foundation is now the Consumer Technology Association Foundation! This exciting change reflects the vision, scope of activity, and membership of our affiliated association. We will continue our mission of linking seniors and people with disabilities with technology to enhance their lives.

CTA & CTA Foundation release Active Aging Study

CTA & CTA Foundation release Active Aging Study

The U.S. market for active aging technology now encompasses 85 million Americans, or more than one quarter of the national population, according to a new report. Download the report to learn about this growing business market.

Video Contest Winners

Video Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Technology that Improves Lives Contest Winners! Visit them in Eureka Park during CES 2016!

You Can Change Lives!

You Can Change Lives!

The CTA Foundation can now accept donations online. Your support will go to improving the lives of seniors and people with disabilities.

The CTA Foundation is a public, national foundation affiliated with the Consumer Technology Association.  It was established with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives.  The Foundation is focused on strategic support of programs to impact these communities and has launched its first series of grants in 2012.  It also serves to facilitate dialog between industry, consumers, government, advocacy groups and other key stakeholders around important issues.

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Grant Highlights

Here are just a few examples of lives improved through our grants:

  • “You’ve empowered me.  I was shut off, forgotten.  Now I have a voice again.  I can’t say thank you enough.” Jamy (Selfhelp Virtual Senior Center Participant)
  •  “I used to read 5 papers a day, 10 magazines a week, and for pleasure I’d read 30-40 books a year.  That all stopped.  I couldn’t read anything.  And all of a sudden I can do all those things again thanks to technological devices.  Very very exciting and very liberating.” Bernie (Lighthouse Guild Participant)
  • “After a stroke, and because of cognitive challenges, you can use Facetime to talk to children that move to college and it’s like being there.  It’s important for me” Lincoln (BridgingApps Participant)
  • One Senior Planet member, formerly facing eviction from her apartment, reported: "This week I was awarded my 100th Elance job! I have retained my five-star average, and now have six repeat clients, and my latest ranking as of last week is No. 76 out of the 239,000 writers registered with the site worldwide. Prior to my OATS training, I had never even heard of Elance, but through your classes I gained the skills and confidence to give it a try. So I want to thank you both for the big role that OATS has played in my success and showing me that Seniors can still be productive. I hope your program can continue to help many other older adults the way it has helped me."
See the full list of organizations we have supported.

Join the growing list of individuals and companies that have supported the CTA Foundation as we change lives with programs like those listed above.  To learn how to make a tax deductible donation please visit


Win a Booth in CES 2016 Eureka Park!

The CTA Foundation is holding its inaugural video contest to enable startup companies to compete for one of five booths in Eureka Park (the flagship startup marketplace) at CES 2016. Selected companies will receive a free booth in Eureka Park, a $2,500 prize, and recognition for their impactful technologies.

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CES 2016 Foundation Panel

Come hear a discussion on how technology, through a variety of interfaces, is promoting independence for people with disabilities.  We have a great panel including representatives from IBM, Rithmio, Tappur and Tobii!
10:15-11:15 AM Thursday, January 7 at the LVCC.

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CTA Foundation attends Politico's Outside, In: Aging in a Tech World event

The CTA Foundation recently attended Politico's Outside, In: Aging in a Tech World event in Washington, DC. The event focused on emerging healthcare technologies and the role technology plays in today's aging population. Current advancements in healthcare technology are transforming how older adults' manage and treat health concerns. Politico gathered a panel of experts to discuss these technologies and the inherent pros and cons of their impact.

Panelist included:

Jeannine English, President, AARP
David Lindeman, Director, Center for Technology and Aging; Director, CITRIS Health, University of California
Dr. Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer, AbilTo
Nora Super, Executive Director, White House Conference on Aging

Attached is a link to a recording of the event.

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CTA Foundation: White House Conference on Aging

Steve Ewell, Executive Director of the CTA Foundation, sat down with Nora Super, Executive Director of the 2015 White House Conference on Aging to discuss the White House Conference on Aging that took place on July 13th.

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CTA Foundation Congratulates Winners of FCC Awards

The CTA Foundation congratulates all of the winners of the FCC Chairman's fourth annual Awards for Advancement in Accessibility which were presented during the M-Enabling Summit.

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CEA Innovate!

/ November 08-10, 2015 New York, NY

The CTA Foundation will be at Innovate! Join us as we participate in the discussion with innovative companies from across the industry.

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Promoting Independence for People with Disabilities through Technology

/ January 07-07, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

Join the Consumer Technology Association Foundation in a panel discussion on assistive-tech ranging from talking guilds and 3D-printed prosthetics, to apps and smart jackets that make it easier for the visually impaired to navigate their surroundings. Panelists from leading assistive-tech companies will present case studies showing how technology can extend the senses and otherwise help people with disabilities.  

  • Stephen  Ewell, Executive Director , Consumer Technology Association Foundation
  • Jen  Quinlan, VP of Marketing, Rithmio
  • Oscar Werner, President, Tobii Tech
  • Michael  Zinn, TAPS Product Manager, Tappur

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CES 2016

/ January 06-09, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

The CTA Foundation will be at CES 2016. Stop by CTA Center in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center for more information about the CTA Foundation.

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M-Enabling Conference

/ June 01-02, 2015 Arlington, VA

The M-Enabling Summit is dedicated to promoting mobile accessible and assistive applications for senior citizens and people with disabilities. CTA and the CTA Foundation continue to actively participate in the annual M-Enabling Summit and will be featured at a variety of panels and activities this year.

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