5 Technology Trends to Watch
– 2016

The 2016 edition of CTA's 5 Technology Trends to Watch highlights contextual awareness and virtual personal assistants, the new face of retail, smart homes, the tech transformation of Hollywood and the rise of smart cities.

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2015
The 2015 edition of CEA's 5 Technology Trends to Watch highlights Big Data, the rise of the machines (Internet of Things, robotics and driverless cars), digital health, entertainment and immersive content including augmented reality, and business models in the innovation economy.

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2014
The 2014 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch examines key technology trends from the Internet of Things (IoT) to driverless cars, digital health care, robotics and the future of video distribution and consumption. 

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2013

The 2013 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch focuses on 3D printing, next generation TVs and displays, the evolution of the audio market, the mobile revolution in Africa and technology in education. New in 2013, CEA’s analysts look back at the publication’s track record over the last 12 years to see where our analysts have hit the mark.


5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2012

The 2012 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch focuses on wireless spectrum and the looming spectrum crunch, cloud computing, technology’s relationship with politics, next generation power storage and charging technologies and alternative input methods.

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2011

The 2011 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch focuses on the relationship between technology and privacy, the future of video distribution and consumption, the future of wireless broadband, “green” CE and smart energy evolutions and the future of the ‘App’.

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2010

The 2010 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch addresses the evolution of content, growing the connected home ecosystem, the future of TV beyond HD, connected cars and smart grids.

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2009
The 2009 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch questions how we use command and control technologies to interact with our CE – are we a control freak society? It also looks into the kitchen of tomorrow, full of everything from flat-panel displays and Internet connectivity on refrigerators to appliances that manage energy efficiency and decide when to run. Next, investigate a host of new display technologies reaching the market and look forward to Web 3.0 with more personalized functionality directed at the end-user. Finally, the report probes how consumer technology is being used to further medical advances and diagnosis, even using video games to fight disease.

5 Technology Trends to Watch – 2008 

The 2008 edition of CEA’s 5 Technology Trends to Watch reviews the business of consumer technologies, software, retailing, expanding GPS services, the future of radio, and a special future section highlighting CE products on the horizon.

5 Technologies to Watch – 2007 

The 2007 edition of CEA’s 5 Technologies to Watch investigates the looming broadband bottleneck, technologies that provide content based on your personal tastes, identity theft, radio frequency spectrum, digital content ownership and a special 2010 outlook. Read more.

5 Technologies to Watch – 2006

CEA names 2006′s five technologies that are certain to change our industry and the world, including: recordable high-definition content, robotics, digital home studios, video gaming, and an army of new visual displays. This publication also includes a special feature on the future of CE. Read more.

5 Technologies to Watch – 2005 

CEA looks at five of the hottest technologies to watch for 2005: media servers, portable entertainment, hybrid white goods, innovative gaming, telematics and a special section on the future of CE. Read more.

5 Technologies to Watch – 2004

CEA selects content and control technology, ultra wideband, recordable digital video, mobile gaming and hi-res audio as technologies to keep an eye on in the coming year. Read more.


5 Technologies to Watch – 2003

In this edition, CEA examines digital display technology, convergence of wireless devices, digital imaging, flash memory and electronic entertainment/games as technologies to watch. Read more.


5 Technologies to Watch – 2002

In the very first edition of Five Technologies to Watch, CEA looks at bringing consumers broadband access, electronic entertainment and games, digital home theater, wireless technology and CE fashion. Read more.