Wednesday, October 17
8:30-8:45 a.m.
CEA Research Summit: Welcome
Presenter: Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist and Senior Director, Research, Consumer Electronics Association
8:45-9:15 a.m.  CEA Research Summit: Of Holidays, Economies, Elections, and the Current State of Consumer Tech: Five Things You Need to Know Now
2012 has certainly been a volatile year and the instability is far from through as we head into the final months of the year.  National elections are before us, the fiscal cliff could trigger a U.S. recession, uncertainty continues in Europe, emerging markets continue to  and a myriad of changes are afoot in the U.S. consumer tech sector.  Take away five things you need to know now about the current state of the consumer tech industry and the near-term economic landscape.
Presenter: Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist and Senior Director, Research, Consumer Electronics Association
9:15-9:45 a.m. CEA Research Summit: Millennials: The New Generation of Shoppers
Nearly as big, if not bigger than the Baby Boomers, this generational cohort is the first to grow up in the digital world; in an era where consumer electronics and technology are continuously evolving and advancing. As this generation ages and gains more purchasing power and influence it is important for the tech industry to understand how they learn about and ultimately adopt technology. This session will answer the following questions and more about Millennials. How do they learn about new products?  What product features matter most?  Where will they go to purchase consumer electronics?  What impact are they having on other consumers?
Presenter: Rhonda Daniel, Manager, Market Research, Consumer Electronics Association
10-11 a.m. CEA Research Summit: Retail Changes Holiday Edition: Debunking Showrooming and What to Expect for the Upcoming Holiday Season
The busiest time of the year for retailers is upon us. But retailing as we’ve known it has changed dramatically as the Internet and mobile devices continue to shake up the retail space.  How are these technologies impacting consumer behavior?  Where are consumers shopping and where are they ultimately buying. This session will shed light on emerging retail trends and provide insight on what to expect this holiday season.
Presenters: Steve Koenig, Director, Industry Analysis, Consumer Electronics Association
Eric Voyer, Vice President, The Stevenson Co.
11 a.m. - noon CEA Research Summit: Follow the Money: A look at Today’s VC Investments in Consumer Tech and What the next Year Holds
Venture capital is the lifeblood for many startup companies, especially in the tech industry. As the economy continues to show signs of volatility, many eyes are on the next ‘big, innovative thing’ that could propel an unknown startup to a household name. Where within the consumer tech ecosystem are investors extending their investments?  What are VCs seeing today in tech startups that excites them? Join us for a far-reaching conversation on the current and future state of consumer tech and venture capital.
Noon- 2 p.m. Keynote Luncheon: Peter Leyden
CEO, Next Agenda
2-2:30 p.m. CEA Research Summit: The Next Three Years for Computing
As computing has become more accessible to consumers across a wide array of devices, we are now able to work and play practically whenever and wherever we please.  With so many computing options available, how have consumers’ computing behaviors evolved in 2012?  Mobility is certainly key, but is it the only thing to watch? Tablets are experiencing phenomenal growth at a truly unprecedented rate for a new CE category but can it possibly continue?  Thinner and lighter computers, such as Ultrabooks, continue to gain significant market traction, but will it last? What are the computing trends to watch? Leveraging new research from CEA learn which computing features are desired most by consumers and what the next year of computing may hold.
Presenter: Kevin Tillmann, Senior Research Analyst, Consumer Electronics Association
2:30-3:15 p.m.  CEA Research Summit: Content and Services: Trends Creating New Media, Business Models and Profits
While consumers continue to adopt technology at an ever increasing pace, content and services are playing a more vital role to hardware growth than at any stage in the history of consumer tech.  Industry executives must fully understand this realm to succeed in the business of consumer tech. In this session a panel of industry experts debates the trends redefining content discovery, acquisition and consumption in the 21st century.  How are these trends reshaping business models? What opportunities exist given these new dynamics and who can benefit? Is there a future for physical media and broadcast TV? Attend this session to learn how these trends are changing consumer behavior, business models and the industry.
3:15-4 p.m. CEA Research Summit: Beyond the Horizon: Forecasting the Future for Consumer Tech
CEA Research has a 30 year history forecasting the full scope of the consumer electronics industry, making CEA’s five year forecast the go-to industry planning resource. What are the next big product and category trends landing in 2013 and beyond? Join this panel discussion of CEA analysts to pinpoint where you should be looking in 2013 and beyond.
Panelists: Steve Koenig, Director, Industry Analysis, Consumer Electronics Association
Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist and Senior Director, Research, Consumer Electronics Association
Chris Ely, Senior Manager, Industry Analysis, Consumer Electronics Association

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