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Jay Parthasarathy

UnitedHealth Group
Director of the Innovation, Research and Development group at

Jayant Parthasarathy (JP) started his career in healthcare designing nano-sensors and wireless chipsets to better understand neuronal functioning and aid Alzheimer's research. At Nonin Medical Inc.  Parthasarathy led a team of sensor and wireless technology experts to design award-winning products to aid patients suffering from chronic cardio-pulmonary diseases. He also launched and managed the eHealth Business segment at Nonin to serve a global market in respiratory care. To establish a foundation of growth for the Personal Health industry, Parthasarathy collaborated with a world-wide group of architects as chair of the Technology Group at the Continua Health Alliance, and developed industry-first guidelines aimed at driving interoperability, improved care co-ordination and reduced integration costs for wellness and fitness, chronic disease management and independent living market sectors. Currently, as director of the Innovation, Research and Development group at UnitedHealth Group, his team is working on technology and business concepts that aim to disrupt healthcare delivery as it is practiced today and significantly improve access to high quality and cost efficient care. Parthasarathy currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Continua Health Alliance and on the Advisory Board of the 2012 Mid America Healthcare Venture Forum. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Minnesota.

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